Rolfer, Dancer, Teacher

Dance Teacher

Jason began swing dancing in 2002 just after graduating from NC State and has been hooked on dancing ever since. Jason travels regularly, learning from as many inspiring dancers as he can and competing frequently. As a Certified Rolfer, he has a strong interest in body mechanics and expressive movement.  Jason owns, operates, and is the primary dance instructor at The Lindy Lab, a dance studio offering classes and weekly dancing in the Raleigh/Durham RTP area.

One of his favorite dance quotes is:

“Technique – bodily control – must be mastered only because the body must not stand in the way of the soul’s expression,”

In all his dancing, Jason strives to bring this sort of authenticity to the floor and to his partner.

As an instructor, Jason is most concerned with unleashing students’ potential. Understanding that everyone has different goals in dancing, he aims to teach in a way that helps new dancers develop a style fitting their body and personality rather than copying a style. Jason emphasizes a balance of fun and hard work in both his dancing and teaching, believing that the better you get, the more interesting and fun options open up in your dancing.

Competition Placements


1st – TCBF Open Strictly

2nd – TCBF Open Jack and Jill


2nd – TCBF Jack and Jill

4th – ABW Amateur ACBC


2nd – ILHC Open Lindy Jack and Jill

2nd – ABW Amateur Jack and Jill

Comments on: "Dance Teacher" (2)

  1. Hi, love your writings. I am a Structural Integrator (KMI) and a novice dancer. I firmly believe that there there is a lot to learn across the disciplines! Thanks

  2. accidental goddess said:

    I know that TCBF, ACBC, ABW, and ILHC are dance events but I am not sure what they stand for. After 24 years at IBM, I think I am allergic to acronyms 😦

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